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Yahho Japon

Yahho Japon

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Tsuyu grows buckwheat to make soba noodles and Chawan brings broken objects back to life. Uchimizu studies moss for their many virtues and Kodomo humorously criticizes our consumer society. There is also Higasa the sandblaster, Shikiri the sumo wrestler, Moso the fireworks maker and Wan Wan the flyer painter.

Eight Japanese women, strong and passionate, eight colors, eight professions. Éva Offredo invites us to meet each of them. She tells us about their childhood and immerses us in their daily life, their lives and their profession to allow us to see and feel all the little-known riches of the land of the Rising Sun.

A rich and original documentary
From the island of Hokkaido to the highlands of Nagano, from Tokyo to the beaches of Lake Ikeda... Yahho Japan! takes us from the North to the South of the archipelago and introduces us with sensitivity and poetry to the Japanese art of living: tasting buckwheat noodles with grated daikon, exploring mossy forests, fighting on the dohyo in the skin of a sumo wrestler, decorating kami-tobi kites, taking a seat on a zabuton in a Tokyo skyscraper, tasting konpeitos, learning the art of kintsugi and wabi-sabi...

In harmony with nature
Whether they cultivate, nourish, repair, imagine, study, heal, contemplate, train... every day, these eight women carry out their actions with pleasure and humility. From hanami, the “contemplation of cherry blossoms” to matsukaze which means both “rustling of the wind in the pines” and “simmering of water in the kettle”, Yahho Japan! reminds us that happiness rhymes with simplicity. Take the time to do what you love, each at your own speed, never forgetting to marvel at the little things.

A very beautiful album to believe in your dreams and move forward.

Language – French

From 7 to 107 years old.


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