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Vilac - Tongue drum - Xylophone tongue drum

Vilac - Tongue drum - Xylophone tongue drum

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This metal percussion instrument with a zen and soothing sound is said to be of Aztec origin. Like a xylophone, each metal “tongue” produces a unique sound.

Tuned in C major and equipped with an octave, our tongue drum will allow children to learn about music while having fun. Our team of music experts has created sheet music specifically for this instrument to get you started with some well-known tunes.
An explanatory sheet will also help to understand the relationship between the sounds produced by the tongue drum and classical notation (C scale also written with Anglo-Saxon letters) as well as the correspondence with the duration of the notes, the rhythm (eighth notes, quarter notes , white, etc...).

A first step into the wonderful world of music.
Strong points :
• An original, durable metal musical instrument.
• An original, soft and zen sound.
• Scores and an original method.
• First steps in music.
• Toy for introduction to sounds and rhythms.

Diameter: 15cm

Content :
• A tongue drum.
• A pair of chopsticks.
• A storage and transport cover.
• 10 partitions.

From 5 years old 


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