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Toyi - Basic 32 Creative Building Kit

Toyi - Basic 32 Creative Building Kit

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Toyi Basic 32 Creative Building Kit includes fun and unique parts such as wheels, feet, eyes, hands, joints, sticks, flexible connectors enabling your child’s creations to come to life. Toyi is not just a construction toy; the long periods where children play and have meaningful relationships with what they create is an important part of the Toyi experience. It is hard to get bored of Toyi.

32 pieces of 8 different types of unique Toyi pieces

Including: 2 large flexible connector, 2 small flexible connector, 8 stick, 8 joint, 2 hand, 2 foot, 4 eye, 4 wheel

From 6 years old



L 15 W 10.5 H 5.5

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