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The Extraordinary Book that Makes You Feel Happy

The Extraordinary Book that Makes You Feel Happy

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A book for every child, with a toolkit of projects, ideas, and activities that can help each individual to feel positive, confident, focused, calm, relaxed, inclusive, and included; to build resilience to big, overwhelming feelings; and to feel connected to themselves as well as others.

Created by experts, every page includes a project to cut out, make, keep, cherish, give, or share. And there is a special pocket of happiness at the back to store them in.

30+ ACTIVITIES: Dozens of creative projects and activities to help children develop contentment, confidence, resilience, and empathy.

DEVELOP SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Includes projects carefully designed by developmental experts to explain and explore complex feelings in ways kids can understand.

PRACTICE HAPPY HABITS: Includes suggestions for how to cultivate mindful breathing, relaxation, and other habits to create calm and concentration.

From 6 years old 


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