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Color Square

Soft toy Knit sweater - Orange

Soft toy Knit sweater - Orange

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Color Square handmade sweaters in 100% cotton.

Soft toys are often kids’ best friend, being present in joyful moments of play and also special moments such as bedtime, making them feel safe and accompanied not only in home, but also when spending a weekend away or travelling.

As such, our vision is that each soft toy is unique to the child and therefore we like the idea of kids taking good care of it and humanize it as much as possible. While most of the kids do this giving a name to their buddy soft toy, we believe that dressing it with a one-of-a-kind handmade sweater is an additional step for strengthening the feeling of taking care and bond between them.

Handmade in Portugal - Knitting transforms a simple yarn into unique and original pieces.

The sweater has a unique size adapted to JellyCat soft toys (about 30cm). Fits all our soft toys except the octopus. Depending on the stock available, the handmade sweaters may take up to 7 working days to be shipped.

Suitable from birth.


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