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Small foot

Small Foot - Rabbit Hutch with Enclosure

Small Foot - Rabbit Hutch with Enclosure

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A rabbit hutch for the plush long-ears! This double hutch made of stable wood that can also be used for transport is comprised of two small huts that can be connected via balls and loops. In one half, the stuffed rabbit can sleep and remain undisturbed thanks to the magnetically closing flap door, and on the other side, it can look around its surroundings through a mesh enclosure. Two mesh fences can be connected to the hutches to create an outdoor enclosure area. Incl. plush rabbit, brush, small dish, carrots made of wood and felt, as well as a piece of lettuce and pieces of rabbit poo made of felt. The rabbit hutch can be carried via the separable, threaded grip and taken with you wherever you want for fantasy-filled role play on-the-go! With the expansion of the outer enclosure, all of the areas of the rabbit hutch are easily accessible and playable for children. 

From 3 years old 


28 x 24 x 24 cm

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