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Small foot

Small Foot - Explorer's Tool Belt "Discover"

Small Foot - Explorer's Tool Belt "Discover"

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A necessity for nature explorers! With this outdoor equipment belt, kids will have all of the explorer's toys that they need while keeping their hands free! The research equipment comprised of a signal whistle made of solid wood, magnifying glass, tweezers, compass, rope, and cotton collection bag can be attached to the belt made of robust nylon via the loops, slings, and spring hooks. And this is practical: the belt length can be adjusted and has a click buckle.
This tool belt is ideal for nature hikes, adventures, and expeditions, because with child-friendly outdoor and explorer's toys, the world just outside the front door becomes an exciting place full of discovery! With the help of the research equipment, even the youngest children can go on fun and exciting explorations and observations in the garden, forest, or meadow. With the high amount of visible wood material, rounded edges, and design with earth tones and natural green tones, the explorer toys of the "Discover" product line are real eye-catchers on any expedition!

From 3 years old 


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