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Oppi - Stix 60 pieces set

Oppi - Stix 60 pieces set

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Stix is a free, modular construction game that engages children's creativity.
And for this, Stix hides a magical secret: the kneecap! By combining the half-spheres and the silicone tubes, children obtain a ball joint which allows them to freely orient and stabilize the constructions with the wooden planks! The silicone parts adhere to the wooden boards and allow endless possibilities.

4 game possibilities:

Free play - The best rule is not to have one! Build the creation of your choice but remember this important principle: if you want to connect different heights: use the ball joint system to make your construction as stable and creative as possible!

Figurative game - With Stix, you can also create friends to play with: animals, buildings, bridges or even entire cities... Use the creative maps to help you and give you ideas!

The Tower of Stix - Create the tallest tower without dropping any pieces. Try to place all the pieces you can (tubes, half-spheres and planks). Will you be able to touch the ceiling?

Battle of Stix - Challenge your balance and patience (alone or with a teammate) in this game mode! Place the first perfectly balanced board on one or more tubes, then continue building the tower by placing the same piece on each side.

From 2 years old 


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