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Maison Georges

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

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t’s the end of the day at the Blue Waves Minigolf. All the balls have completed the course and arrived at the big ball ball. All? No... There's one left on the starting line who dreams of life in a castle and that ball is you!

Going on vacation with an earthworm? Jump into the void ? Settling in a community of hippie balls? Confront your fear of the dark? Take the plunge ?

Welcome to this funny and joyful game book through which Lisa Laubreaux displays her boundless imagination and her playful and colorful world. The author-illustrator offers us a highly enjoyable reading experience and invites us to fantasy and the pleasure of inventing stories.

Minigolf is also an album full of twists and turns which humorously evokes the human condition, its quests, its pitfalls and which takes an amused look at our dreams and our ambitions. An invitation to a unique journey, to the right to make mistakes and not to do like everyone else.

Language – French

From 6 years old 


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