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Makedo - Explore 50 pieces

Makedo - Explore 50 pieces

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Kids love their boxes! Gift them this starter toolbox of Makedo to take that love of making and play into another realm of imagination. This is pure, no-tech (but tech-friendly*) fun for girls and boys.

Simple and safe, cardboard construction has never been this easy. Anything is possible from a gnome to a knight, a critter to a castle as the happy makers up-cycle, up-skill, problem solve and develop critical 21st century thinking skills.

50 pieces? What do I get?

CUT SAFELY: 1 x SAFE-SAW (Steel blade with no sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard.)

CONNECT EASILY: 1 x SCRU-DRIVER (Connect cardboard as simply as righty tighty, lefty loosey.); 36 x SCRU (Connects up to three layers of corrugated cardboard.); 12 x SCRU+ (Connects up to six layers of corrugated cardboard.); 1 x BONUS MINI-TOOL (For parallel and cooperative making.)

STORE NEATLY: 1 x TOOLBOX (Packaging opens into a handy sort & store toolbox, Fold down to pack away into the outer sleeve for storage.)

From 5 years old


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