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Maison Georges

Maison Georges - Memory Game "IL ÉTAIT UNE FORME"

Maison Georges - Memory Game "IL ÉTAIT UNE FORME"

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Panic in the Kingdom of Pointudroitdur! Triangle, the royal couple's perfect daughter has disappeared. From the castle towers to the old cabin in the forest, you'll have to rake every square inch! Squire, suitor, executioner, servant... you will have to observe carefully. And watch out for the traps of the mischievous Fairy...

Directly inspired by the epic and romantic tale published by Maison Georges in 2021 “He Was a Shape – The Memory Game” is a fantastic memory game with magical powers, enriched with traps and twists.

Pssst... Maybe you've already played memory but don't take that for granted! You will have to observe carefully, but also trick, dodge, steal and above all prepare yourself to see the course of the game change at any moment. On the program, wild, funny and dynamic games, mischief and strategy, observation and visual memory.

Language – French

From 7 years old 


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