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Londji - Stories

Londji - Stories

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Once upon a time, there were rich fantasy stories that made our imaginations fly to unimaginable worlds!

The aim of the game is to build stories, but above all, to allow your imagination to wonder. We want you to learn from others and enjoy creating collectively!
Three blocks of cards are laid out. One with story cards, the second with the rhythm cards and one with the gender cards. A sheet of paper is also provided to each participant. In turns, we flip over the cards that are indicated by the dice and create a story based on the illustrations that we have come up with.

You can play this game in two ways; orally or written.

A game that:
- Boosts creativity, imagination and memory.
- Encourages dialogue, reading, writing, sharing and building creative bonds between players.
- Ideal for working on oral and written language.

Learn how to write and tell stories collectively with this card game. By using Londji's images as a starting point, let your imagination run wild! 

From 8 years old 


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