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Londji - I speak 6 languages

Londji - I speak 6 languages

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How do you say horse in Spanish, fire in German, elephant in Italian and glasses in French?

First we will mix the chips in the cotton bag and place the six languages flag-shaped pieces in the centre of the table. The rules are very simple: Player A, rolls the dice and player B (seated to the left) takes a token out of the bag. Player A must correctly state the name of the image on the chip in the language indicated on the dice. If he knows the answer, he wins the chip. If he doesn't know, the token will be placed on the table next to the corresponding flag. Before placing the chip on the table, all players can look at the answer on the back and memorise it. Each player, on their turn, can also win the chips off the table if they remember the answer correctly. The first player to get ten tokens will win!

Learn vocabulary in different languages using the illustrated cards in this word game. The best way to learn other languages! A family game.

From 6 years old 


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