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Koa Koa

Koa Koa - Make a handcrank doorbell

Koa Koa - Make a handcrank doorbell

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This DIY kit will allow you to build a superb doorbell for the door of your room. You will discover, by building it, gear trains and basic mechanical principles such as friction effect. You will manipulate a lot of material: nuts, screws, washer, joins, tightening rings, and even a hair elastic. Each step of the assembly is very well explained in the brochure.
You will discover that there are a lot of kinds of gears and they are very present in the objects that surround us.

Material : You will find wooden elements: three large wooden gears, a large board and small pieces to assemble. There is also screws: nuts, screws, rings, washers, ears nuts, hair elastic and bike bell.

From 6 years old


L 27 W18 H 5

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