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Billes & Co - Magic forest Box

Billes & Co - Magic forest Box

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The Magic Forest box is an invitation to a nocturnal walk in the woods. If you walk quietly there, in the moonlight, you may be lucky enough to come across one of the inhabitants of the forest. Hush… 

When the magic of marbles invites us to discover the magic of the forest: 58 marbles, pebbles and caps for an excursion into the magical night, in the middle of the enchanted broom of the fireflies.

Box of 58 Magic Forest marbles containing 7 varieties of marbles, 3 varieties of caps, and 1 variety of special marbles:

  • 42 balls of 16 mm

  • 12 pebbles

  • 4 caps of 22/25 mm

From 3 years old 


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