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Anorak #61 - The kitchen issue

Anorak #61 - The kitchen issue

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Anorak - the Happy Mag for Kids - is aimed at children (boys AND girls) aged 6+. Published four times a year, every issue has a theme to inspire and encourage kids to tap into their natural creativity and learn while having fun. Every edition has plenty of beautifully illustrated stories, games and activities to keep your little ones' creative cells buzzing! Printed on recycling paper and using vegetable ink

From 6 to 10 years old


f you look closely enough, you will see that there are magical kingdoms right under our noses. In our very own homes, in fact. What are we talking about? The Kingdom of Kitchens, the theme of this new edition. 

We explore why kitchens are fun places, how they have evolved over the centuries and wonder what they might look like in the future. This edition also carries many stories and activities set in weird and wonderful kitchens.


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