Why every family should start a game night

Why every family should start a game night

There are traditions that last a lifetime and are part of the childhood memories, creating a family game night, even if only once a month, brings countless benefits for both children and parents.

It's not just about the games, but family time away from screens and opportunity to unplug. Sitting at the table around a board game, it will provide endless conversations, learning and lots of laughter and good mood.

There are many emotions and characteristics that we can “work” on children during a board game with several benefits:

- Work on the interaction between child and adult, between parents and children, between siblings and between friends

- Learn to deal with “losing”

- Resolve conflicts and reach consensus

- Learning to focus and be attentive

- Team work

- Increases confidence and self-esteem

- Develop strategic thinking

- Resilience

- Learn to follow the rules

- Practice patience (waiting for your turn to play)

 Board games can also have a strong didactic component and playfully help to practice school skills.

It is important to adapt the type of game to the child's age, and to choose between strategy, memory, creativity and cooperation games. Cooperative games, for example, are a great tool to encourage teamwork between brothers and reduce the normal competitiveness that arises at different stages.

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